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Did people really line up to see an empty bus

A couple of weeks ago, a bus rolled into Asheboro with Romney's name all over it. I could not believe a crowd gathered in 95 degree temperature to see an empty bus. People were hoping to get a scent left behind by Romney. Romney thinks the people in Randolph County and North Bivirkninger Carolina love him so much "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" that a public appearance was not necessary.If you think he is for the poor people, you had better think twice. He has already said he loves to fire people. He has said all the other politicians "büyüme hormonu eczane fiyatı" before him were afraid to tamper with Comprar Levitra Social Security, but it will be on the table to cut, or do away with altogether. I am a Social Security recipient and I feel I have paid my dues. Listen to AARP's warning on TV. They are trying to warn people to think before you vote. You may well be voting to take Comprar Gh Jintropin away what is rightly yours!Romney is a multi million dollar person who does not care one iota for the poor people. He wants to extend the Bush tax cut for millionaires and put the tax burden on the poor people. He has changed everything around what the news media has had on TV and changes every commercial to suit himself. He is doing a lot of criticizing, but never tells what he will do in the same situation. He also is telling the American people that he will put them to work in a high paying job.I was in World War II, just after the Bio Primo Methenolone Enanthate Great Depression. The economy did not pull out until 20 Equipoise Combo 450 years later. I do not expect this one will be any different. No president can pull a rabbit out of a hat. Anavar Cycle Length Neither can he pull us out of this mess that had already been created before he took office.With Congress working against the president and Senate, it is difficult to pass bills. Bob Sheafer reported Congress has gone a full year without passing a single bill.